BMW R1200ST - Rent 1 day (1x94€)

BMW R1200ST - Rent 1 day (1x94€)

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Precio anterior 95,00 €
94,00 / día(s)
El precio incluye el IVA y la entrega

The BMW R1200RT is a touring or sport touring motorcycle that was introduced in 2005 by BMW Motorrad to replace the R1150RT model. It features a 1,170 cc (71 cu in) flat-twin engine with a six-speed gearbox and shaft drive

Motorcyclist chose it in 2014 as the best touring bike for 2014. For the second year in a row, Motorcyclist magazine chose the BMW R1200RT as the 2015 "Best Touring Bike."

In its August 2015 long-term wrap-up, Paul Dean, of Cycle World, wrote "For riders who love to travel, enjoy having a little fun on the back roads, and often do both with a passenger, the RT could very well be the perfect motorcycle. Way, way more than just the best sport tourer. selected the R1200RT as its 2015 "Best Sport-Tourer".


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