HONDA INTEGRA - Rent 1 day (1x79€)

HONDA INTEGRA - Rent 1 day (1x79€)

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Precio anterior 80,00 €
79,00 / día(s)
El precio incluye el IVA y la entrega

The Honda NC700D/NC750D Integra is a motorcycle/scooter hybrid made by Honda since 2012. Known internally as the RC62 the Integra was originally unveiled as the New Mid Concept in 2010 before being presented in production form at EICMA 2011 in Milan.

The Integra is sold as a scooter in many market but as a touring motorcycle in some. For example, it appears in the 2012 Honda Netherlands "touring" brochure alongside well known tourers like the Goldwing 1800 Reviewers have noted the model as a hybrid of scooter (or maxi-scooter) and motorcycle.Guy Procter from Motor Cycle News referred to the Integra as a “super-scooter”.


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