KAWASAKI KLX 125 - Rent 1 day (1x40€)

KAWASAKI KLX 125 - Rent 1 day (1x40€)

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Precio anterior 41,00 €
40,00 / día(s)
El precio incluye el IVA y la entrega

The Kawasaki KLX 125 is made with the same Air-cooled SOHC 2-valve 125 cm3 single with a power output of 10 PS as the Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 and is therefore a learner legal machine.

The KLX125 features a larger bike style Fuel Injection system. This type of system reduces the chance of air ingestión, making it ideal for spirited sports riding.

All chassis components were designed specifically or the 125 cm3 class. The Kawasaki KLX125 has very well balanced proportions that add to their Sharp appearance.


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