CUBE RACE ULTEGRA - Rent 9 days (9x20€)

CUBE RACE ULTEGRA - Rent 9 days (9x20€)

En existencias

Precio anterior 216,00 €
180,00 / día(s)
El precio incluye el IVA y la entrega

Isaw Cube’s Peloton Race at the NEC Cycle Show back in September, and with its red, white and blue colourway, my patriotic inner voice decided it was the prettiest bike I’d ever seen. If I’m honest, the Boardman has since eclipsed it in the image stakes, but it’s still a fine looking machine.

Because of its quality, this is the bike I’ve been waiting to ride. But sometimes that can be a poisoned chalice; if it disappoints, it’s an even more galling experience. But the Cube does not disappoint.


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