HONDA PCX 125 - Rent 1 day (1x40€)

HONDA PCX 125 - Rent 1 day (1x40€)

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Precio anterior 41,00 €
40,00 / día(s)
El precio incluye el IVA y la entrega

Frequent visitor to the top five monthly motorcycle sales tells you how popular the little PCX four-stroke scooter is. The 125cc scoot is not considered a go anywhere machine – although PCX owners will tell you they’d be happy to ride it more than the average 30-mile commute – as a working tool and social get-around it is a genuine master of urban life. The PCX scores highly on both points for two reasons: 1) it’s an economical form of transport and 2) it’s a funky-looking hack.

Honda’s little four-stroke engines have a reputation for economy thanks to fuel injection and clever engine design. The PCX goes further by having an ignition cut-out that comes into play after three seconds of idling, much like the stop-start systems found on cars.


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