KAWASAKI VN900 - Rent 1 day (1x85€)

KAWASAKI VN900 - Rent 1 day (1x85€)

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The Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic motorcycle (Model VN900B) is a mid-sized motorcycle cruiser made by Kawasaki, first introduced in 2006 and is still in production today. The cycle follows the formula of a smaller yet capable engine fitted into a one-size up frame, a popular combination also in use by HondaSuzuki, and Yamaha in their respective cruiser lines.

Upon its unveiling, the press generally regarded the VN900B favorably. Numerous references were made to its physical presence, aesthetics, and it possessing equipment normally reserved for larger bore machines. Ride quality was also rated positively, as was its ability to accommodate shorter riders due to the low seat height. Countering these were mentions of limited cornering clearance (due to the floorboards), a relatively weak rear disc brake, and in some articles, an uncomfortable stock seat. In an overall online comparison review, the Suzuki C50 was identified as the potential equal to the VN900B, with the Vulcan being stronger in some areas, and weaker in others.


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