Terms and Conditions

General conditions

General conditions      The customer declares under its responsibility and agree that:
1. The vehicle is owned by BM BIKE and must be returned in the same location it was rented, exactly at the end of the term of the contract (see the end date and time) and in the same condition it was delivered. In case of delay the client must pay for each hour of delay the amount of 20% of the price of a rental day.
2. Has a legal driving license for the vehicle you rented.
3. Has legal age to drive in Spain.
4. It is duly authorized to drive the vehicle you rented and knows driving.
5. He has received adequate instructions for the handling of the vehicle.
6. Finding it has examined the vehicle in perfect condition, fitted perfectly and without any deterioration.
7. It is the customer's responsibility to respect the traffic and parking rules in force in Spain, being personally responsible for the payment  of penalties and fines that may be imposed by the commission of offenses.
8. In case of damage during the rental, you must contact the company (BM BIKE) which will assist in working hours, in any case the contractor may leave abandoned the vehicle unless authorized by the company. If the contractor had paid some amount of money as compensation or transportation without prior authorization from the company (BM BIKE), will be on their own.
9. No vehicle can be driven under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other kind of stimulant or toxic substances.
10. The rental vehicles and people can only be used by people that the customer name on the lease.
11. You cannot use the vehicle to participate in competitions or contests.

12. You cannot drive the vehicle in any way that is not properly paved and considered by the municipal or public works as main road, if so, will void all coverages guaranteed by insurance and therefore will be the tenant solely responsible for any injury or damage that may occur to the vehicle.
13. Failure to meet any of the conditions between the number 9 and 12, inclusive implies the immediate termination of the contract without the right to a refund of any amount for the lessor
14. You only need to use the proper fuel (UNLEADED NORMALLY 95). The tenant is responsible for any damage that may happens to the vehicle by the non-observance of this end. The vehicle must be delivered with the same level of fuel that is delivered to the customer.
15. Under no circumstances will wash the car with water pressure as this can severely damage it.
16. The bike can be parked at night in a place other appearing as a temporary residence (hotel). You are not allowed out of the vehicle between islands.
17. Comply with all requirements, conditions, limitations and exceptions contained in the insurance policy against third formalized by the lessor. The acceptance of this policy by the lessee is required and may not make use of the vehicle so that would negate the applicability of the benefits of the policy. A copy of this policy is to view the lessee lessor's premises.
18. Accept full responsibility for the theft of the vehicle or any of its components no matter under what circumstances, and pay the total cost thereof. Also, the driver  must pay for any damage caused to the vehicle if is the drivers fault. (Maximum deposit amount)
19. You can not make any claim of any kind against the landlord, its employees, or their insurance companies because of physical or mental damage you may suffer as a result of the use of the vehicle.
20. BMBIKE not responsible for claims: Accident, injury, shock or damage to yourself and / or another staff or property, or loss of items during the rental period
21. Cancelation of the reservations without charge are only 24 hours before the ADMITTED programed dcancelación free reservation only admitted 24 h before the scheduled delivery time. Cancelations after this time or at the moment of delivery will be fully charged According To the customer's reservation.